Our Approach

From the containers we use for our candles down to our business cards, we strive to do everything with purpose to have a positive social and environmental impact. We also include our sources below for transparency and to honor those who have helped us get to where we are today.

Are your candles 100% soy wax?

All of our wax is made from soy beans grown in the U.S. By supporting our candles, you're supporting domestic products and promoting a renewable resource.  

What kind of fragrance oils do you use? 

All of our fragrances are infused with essential oils.

To clarify, our fragrances aren’t 100% essential oils. It’s difficult to produce a candle with completely essential oils that’s highly fragrant. If you’re set on essential oils we recommend water diffusion or homemade reed diffusers.

Do you offer refills on your candles? 

No, we do not offer refills on our candles. We encourage recycling as most of our glass containers are made from recycled glass, and we like to pursue the same attitude of suitability. In an effort to extend the life of the glass, we encourage you to repurpose your vessel in some way. A couple of ideas are to use them for endless storage options and pots for succulents.