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Comfort Spice Soy Candle

Comfort Spice Soy Candle

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A celebration of brown sugar and cinnamon stick with a lemon blend, vanilla extract & pralines.

Made with a 100% natural soy wax blend, these scented candles feature a 100% cotton wick and deliver 70-80 hours of blissful relaxation. This scented candle is completely natural and non-toxic. It contains no lead, plastics, parabens, synthetic dyes, or phthalates.

The candle is packaged in a gray gift box for presentation.

The candle comes in a glass container that can be cleaned after burning the candle and reused as a decor or glass.

.: 100% natural soy wax blend
.: 100% cotton wick
.: Average burn time: 70-80 hours
.: All scents have the same color
.: Made in the USA

Candle Care:
Keep the burning candle within sight, and keep away from children and pets. Never burn the candle near flammable items. For best results, burn candle 3 to 4 hours of each lighting and trim wick to 1/4". Discontinue use with 1/2" of wax remaining.

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